D&M Coffee

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D&M Coffee is back at the Plaza!  Some of you may remember their shop in town, or when we served their espresso in our store.  These are exceptionally smooth beans that meld into outstanding drinks or are excellent as straight shots.  Additionally, we are offering their Lions Rock drip blend.  Now that the Plaza Super Jet is running the stand, come by and try a drink between 7 am and 3 pm Monday thru Friday.  Our barista’s expertise and D&M’s outstanding coffee will make it well worth your time!

Plaza Super Jet April 1st 2014

Pear Up!

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Neigel Vintners is a family-owned craft cidery inspired by East Wenatchee’s rich orchard history.  On their great-grandfather’s land, co-owning brothers Kevin and Mark Van Reenen have been producing cider for several years  They realized that the native pear varieties on the property provided for a uniquely light and flavorful cider finish.  Their HALF PAST Prudent blend is perfect for enjoying across a myriad of situations ranging from a hot day out on the boat to a fire-side winter huddle.

Pear Up – HALF PAST is now available at The Plaza Super Jet!

Plaza Super Jet March 3rd 2014

Christmas at the Plaza

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The Rose Trio playing The First Noel – arranged by Daniel Kelley of Last Resort Music.

Plaza Super Jet December 31st 2013

Nightmare on Okanogan Street – Halloween 2013

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Plaza Super Jet November 1st 2013

Beer Run!

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Just back from Spokane with a truckload of craft brews!  We went to the mountain for Terminal Gravity, Laht Neppur, and Beer Valley.  While there we loaded up on some old favorites like Fort George Vortex, Great Divide Claymore and Colette, and North Coast’s Brother Thelonious.  If this is all Greek to you, come on down and we’ll help you learn the language.  For those who already know the store, please enjoy our largest selection ever!

Plaza Super Jet August 23rd 2013

East Meets West – Glaze Donuts Available at the Plaza!

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Our bacon melded with the freshest donuts in town.  Enjoy donuts baked daily from Glaze Bakery in East Wenatchee, delivered early each morning to the Plaza Super Jet.  If you can make the break from a maple bacon try an apple or blueberry fritter – truly outstanding!

Plaza Super Jet April 25th 2013